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Why we’re a gender-neutral skincare brand

Why we’re a gender-neutral skincare brand

If you’re anything like us, seeing skincare brands proudly marketing their products as “for babes” or “for blokes” makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Everyone has skin, and the principles for looking after it are pretty much the same for everyone. Cleanse it. Protect it. Replenish it. No need to bring gender into it.

The way we see it, identifying as a woman or man shouldn’t create barriers to the products you can use. That’s why OSO Skincare’s founders, Arielle and Will, have made sure their brand is gender-neutral – so everyone can enjoy the satisfaction of a good skin day, every day.


We all need skincare

 Your skin has important jobs to do, no matter who you are. It protects your insides from the outside world, keeps moisture within your body, helps you sense pleasure and pain, assists with temperature control, and absorbs vitamin D. These functions help keep you alive, so your skin is actually more important than you might realise.

 Similarly, everyone’s skin has the same basic needs. It needs to be cleansed regularly, protected from environmental damage, and conditioned to prevent dehydration. When your skin doesn’t receive what it needs, it can start experiencing problems such as dryness, irritation, itchiness, redness, and sensitivity. (Will can attest to this.)

 On the flip side, your skin will let you know when it’s in good condition by feeling comfortable, resilient, and balanced. A gorgeous glow is a nice indication that your skin’s happy, too!

 When it comes to looking for skincare products that suit your skin’s needs, don’t let gendered packaging sway your decision. Although women and men have slightly different skin characteristics (such as thickness and oiliness), these differences don’t mean we need separate ‘skincare for women’ or ‘skincare for men’.

 Instead, look for products that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and that you’ll use consistently. (Might we suggest trying our Clean Angel Gel Cleanser, Superfood Suitor Vitamin C Serum, Supple Skin Moisturiser, and Truly L’Oil Face Oil?)


We want you to understand your skin

 Before Will got into skincare, his partner, Arielle, noticed that his skin behaved badly whenever he applied anything to it. The skin issues he was enduring – redness, rashes, and sensitivity - were mostly because of the hours he spent outside as a professional golfer, and how little attention he paid to looking after his skin.

“Arielle has always been a huge advocate for skincare, unlike myself, who never had anything to do with it apart from the occasional slip, slop, slap of sunscreen,” Will explains. “Getting hit by the sun, wind, and rain, my skin often felt dehydrated and battered. Now,

natural skincare has become a way for me to slow down the extremely damaging effects that these elements can have on my skin.”

He adds that while he wasn’t deliberately ignoring his skin, the way that skincare products are typically marketed – mostly to women – didn’t make him feel compelled to try them. Will and Arielle agree that it also took some convincing for him to keep trialling products until they found solutions for his temperamental skin.

If your skin is anything like Will’s, it’s helpful to introduce new ingredients or products into your routine very slowly. That way, if anything does bother your skin, you can narrow down the culprit and make adjustments.


We’re doing branding without binaries

After teaming up with a cosmetic chemist to create natural skincare formulas that worked wonders for both Will and Arielle’s skin, they decided to share their creations with the world. Since their skincare products were designed to suit both genders, it was essential for OSO Skincare’s branding to reflect this.

“Pink is often associated with female products, which is one of the reasons why I believe a lot of men don’t use skincare,” Will says. “When we went forward with designing our brand, we thought that yellow captures the eye immediately, while also going against the stereotypical pink shades that saturate the skincare market. We want men to take control and start using skincare, because it really is so important.”

Arielle adds there shouldn’t be any barriers preventing people from using skincare. Creating a gender-neutral brand was a meaningful step towards encouraging more people to properly look after their skin.

“No one should feel like they can’t use a product because they’re afraid of having a pink bottle in their bathroom,” she says. “Skincare should be used by everyone, so we wanted to ensure all our packing and branding was neutral. Packaging shouldn’t stop someone from using a product that is so critical and good for their skin.”


We know you’ll love the results

Despite initially feeling left out by the skincare industry and dealing with skin sensitivity, “I have somehow found myself having a daily skincare routine,” Will enthuses. “Looking after my skin is not only imperative for slowing the visible signs of the natural aging process, but it also just makes me feel good about myself.”

 Arielle enthuses that the greatest highlight of Will’s skin journey and launching OSO Skincare together is converting him into a skincare lover. “Will’s skin is shinier than a glazed donut before we go to bed now, and it’s honestly so good to see!”


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