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IN HER SKIN- Co-Founder Arielle Vocale

IN HER SKIN- Co-Founder Arielle Vocale

We sat down with co- founder and proud Gunai woman Arielle Vocale to discuss all things skincare, culture and the celebrations of NAIDOC.

What does NAIDOC mean to you and how are you celebrating this year?   

NAIDOC to me means being able to celebrate with my Indigenous and non- Indigenous peers our culture and history, recognise and celebrate those who have achieved greatness in our community, and educate those who don’t understand the hardships our mob face each day. I won’t be able to participate in this year’s festivities as I am currently overseas. However, I am still sharing my support via my social media channels

What does the NAIDOC theme Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! mean to you and why is this important?

The theme this year Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! Calls for a genuine commitment by all Australians to keep rallying around our mob, elders and our communities. It is an opportunity to build on the relationships we  have, as well as an opportunity to create new ones. It is a time to move past performative allyship, broken promises, and Get up, stand up, and show up for systemic change.

Change is the foundation for a better and brighter future for both Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australians.


Why is skincare important to you and why is it is important to implement a skin care routine?

Skincare is important to me because I believe it is the foundation of your expression. When my skin is clear and blemish free, I feel more happier and confident in myself.

What is your skincare routine?

My skincare routine is built around all OSO products. I use clean Angel in the AM & PM, Superfood suitor in the morning after cleansing, and truly L’oil and supple skin both AM and PM. However, if I’m time poor I usually mix a few drops of Truly L’oil face oil into my supple skin moisturiser. It is fair to say, I have the OSO glow down pat.

Skin care secret or hack you would like to share?

 Apply a few drops of Truly L’oil to the bath the next time you have one. I promise you and your skin will thank me later!



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